Saturday, March 2, 2019

Why I use Circle versus circle to describe the process?

While those whom I adopted the term circle from refer to it with a little ‘c’ – I identify the process with a capital letter, Circle. I do this to highlight its exceptionalism as one would give a person a title, an honored distinction. I also do this because over the years researching this transformative process (including for a Master of Arts), I came to know Circle as an entity, an actual life-form, an energy complete unto itself. Take for instance Circle present in the natural world. It is the rain drop in the puddle rippling outward, it is the dandelion blooming and expanding outward, it is the planets orbiting, it is the weather currents, the ocean tides, the moon cycles and seasons, it is life growing, it is life itself. This perception of Circle has had an extraordinary impact on me and influenced my interest in advocating Circle for Environmental Education purposes.


  1. Of My Own Heart! Thank you for making this commitment❤️ I will be on your beekeeping waiting list