Monday, February 20, 2012

The Value of Circle is in the Experience

I had a dream last night about creating a mural with a group of people. Everyone was committed to the project, pouring their hearts into the colorful masterpiece. When the mural was completed, it was painted over with white-wash, as if it had never been created. "What was the point in creating such a beautiful masterpiece accomplished by many, if only to destroy it?" one person asked. The group facilitator responded by saying, "It isn't the finished product we focus on, rather it's being a part of the process that we need to learn from". This dream made me think instantly about Circle.

We tend to look for 'measures of success', reasons to be involved, or the value in doing something before committing time and energy in the first place... A "What's in it for me?" mentality in a manner of speaking. Circle, however, is not about expecting an outcome. There is no finish line or destination that you will arrive at, no completed 'masterpiece' to be attained. Rather, the value of Circle is understood only by 'being in the process' and what takes place in that 'doing space' within ourselves (e.g. self-realization) and between others present (e.g. a group synergy) when we open our 'hearts' to what is taking place. As a friend of mine once told me, "I could describe it to someone until I am blue in the face, but they won't get it until they just do it!"

While there is much I value about experiencing Circle, the mural metaphor in my dream reminded me of something I value in particular about the process: It empowers me to be in such a way that is 'heart-led'.  It is the heart that leads my person when I create (draw, paint, etc.), it is the same for me in Circle. I would like to say that my heart steers my person 24/7, but I know my head or ego or other takes over from time to time. How might I live a life that is more heart-led?  Just like the heart muscle itself needs physical exercise for health and well-being, being heart-led requires that I exercise this way of being to have it grow within my life. I can do so in Circle.  I've also noticed that my heart starts to 'ache' when days go by and by and by without Circle, just like my bones and muscles start to ache when I don't do my yoga or get out for my walks (physical exercise) on a consistent basis. Time to exercise!