Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Call to Circle for Canadian Political Leaders

Canada to Pull out of Koyoto Protocol Next Month” reports CTV News November 27th.  It is news like this that causes me to lose faith in Canadian leadership and stirs up within me a sense of hopelessness concerning the direction forward of our planet. As much as I try to keep my head up, whistling a joyful tune, and hoping for the best for all – I/we sensitive to matters of the Earth (which for me are also matters of the heart), are often faced with upsetting news like this. I wonder, how can we expect our children to be stewards of the Earth when our leaders can’t walk the talk. I could sure benefit from a Circle around this matter – to voice and be heard, to bear witness to others, to include everyone’s perspective/worldview on this matter, in order to grow in self-awareness, and empower hope and affirmative action. I am confident that the leaders of our country could also benefit from taking time to do the same. Now that would be heart-warming!

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